Until recently, successful social media marketing was known as something that can increase the branding and the traffic only.
Recently, Google officially announced that links from social networks like Facebook and Twitter affect the rankings.
So that promotion through social networking, today more than ever give your business other than SEO, also a lot of traffic. And if you create interest around your campaign - it could bring a lot of attention that will bring visitors to your site.
Social network marketing requires a lot of time and investment, which will be very worthwhile if you do it right.
Social networks present a wide range of platforms to help you bring traffic, and to brand your product q service, for example: the establishment and operation of fan page on Facebook, applications, create a buzz, etc....
Due to the popularity that social networks have gained, and complexity that exists in the marketing at social networks, so must be very careful with marketing in order not to cause damage to the brand.
If you choose to turn to a supplier who would do the marketing work for your business, in most cases prices are not cheap.
If you choose to market your business yourself, it is important to know that because of the complex of market in the social network, it would take you a long time.
The biggest disadvantage of social network marketing is the difficult to measure ROI.
How to check if social network marketing led to an increase in revenue? How to convert tweet / Like - to increase profits?
There is the possibility of checking before raising campaign and after the campaign was online, and measured the effective during the campaign.
Today almost anyone active on Facebook (Facebook passed the threshold of 500 million users - and it only continues to grow), so if you have a business, you have no choice, you must be there as well. It all depends on your business type and your budget.
It is important to note that there are businesses that this channel will not be effective at all for them and it a pity to invest time and money.