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    Making Money with Affilate Marketing on autopilot.$$$/Month

    Hey Guys I am new here,but not new to IM
    so just to prove here is my method to earn some bucks online.

    So here is what I used(Tools/networks)-

    1) SB,SenukeX
    2) 100 YT accounts buyied from member here (Ericson )
    3) 5 private proxies for SB bought from a member here.(Mazgallaci)
    4) CJ
    5) Animoto Account

    And here is what I exactly did -

    1)I found out a product from CJ.

    2)Searched for a exact match domain and I was lucky that I got one spare.

    3)Created a review page for that product by modifying a Sales WP theme

    4)Tried for SEO for a month but failed,so left that option

    5)Now for traffic I turned towards video sites,I created a video using animoto(This thing is damn simple,Just find relevent images,create some things in PS with text on them and add them in animoto)

    6)After creating one video,I used the same video to generate multiple videos,this can be done by adding some text/images to your existing video in the begining
    I created 15 such variations.

    7)Uploaded the video's in 15 accounts(YT) with diffrent title,description.

    8)used some of other accounts to rate it and like it manually (Didnt had YT automated tools that time.)

    9)Again thought that YT is not end of video world so posted same stuff on other video sites

    10)SB'd and SeNukeX'd the video links

    Timespan and things achieved:
    These all things were done in a 7-10 days as I did this 1st time.
    Now from 16th July I am #3 for a keyword on YT which has About 5,170,00 results on big G. and #4 for similar keyword
    I recieve about 200-250 hits a day

    I made 120$ in 30 days till now.
    Now it may seem very less to many people here but remember all I did was a weeks work and after that I didnt look at it and it will be making me 8-12 $ a day untill I am ranked in video sites.

    Now imagine of setting up 8-10 sites.

    Again you guys will demand proof so here is some-

    replace (dot) by .

    Please dont ask me about the product I am promoting/my niche
    I already have told most of the things.
    I can answer any other things.

    Hit Thanks if you like.

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    are any active members here?
    come on reply guys

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    there is no such thing as passive because it requred work to get your site ranked and built. It also takes time to add new content and keep the site ranked,

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    For me these ways are very advanced and I need to learn them first then I can as well.

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    ya this way is one of the familiar way to earn money


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