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Creation date: 26 May 2009
Expiration date: 26 May 2012
(2) articleissue.com
Creation date: 17 Jul 2009
Expiration date: 17 Jul 2012

It is noted that fate=destiny/lot and issue=publication.

These two are really nice domains not only for an article directory but also for a link directory or for both together.

In fact,I had no plan to sell them now,but my web-designer whom I hired at $70 for installing and customizing the best paid wordpress article directory script on these two bought from submitarticlemarketing.com (please visit it to see the detailed features),left me away in the mid way.I bought two licenses at $75(V-3) and $99(V-5),but unfortunately the price is reduced to $67 now.Anyway,If you kindly visit these two,you will see that the work are already half done.So I am disappointed and trying to find anybody who may like these two domains with two script licenses together and who will complete the rest work.It is noted that I don't want to make any profit from you.

What is included in total?:-
(1)Above Two domains with half-built sites
(2)Two licenses with online account to replace my information with yours
(3)If it is needed ,I will give the buyer three months of free hosting as well.

How much you need to pay:-
I don't want any profit ,rather I will give a big loss for instance-

(1)For above two domains-$60 only where I spent much more than this amount.
(2)For two half-completed sites just -$30 where I paid $70
(3)For two existing scripts with online account secrets -$120 where I paid $174
(4)Three months of free hosting if needed-0

So for everything you just need to pay $210.So your minimum offer must be at least $210.If you hire anybody spending close to $40 ,both sites will be fully ready to make you lots of cash.

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Payment method:-
Almost all available methods I accept including paypal

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