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    www.allmov.com Established Documentary Films Website

    We have founded this web site simply out of passion for documentary films. Here you can find the largest collection of documentaries that have been found on the web. (Over 2500 titles in our database)

    We’re working hard to build the largest database of free streaming, eye-opening, interesting documentaries – all in one place and ready to watch from the comfort of your home, however we decided to let this site go.

    There are various ways to monetize this website such as private ad sales, CPM networks, Adsense, Amazon, Link Sales, CPA offers etc.

    The site is highly optimized on-site and off-site SEO, check AHREFS.com for more information. The website has a lot more potential if the new owner will further promote it. We will offer one-one-one coaching to the winner of this auction for one month via E-mail.

    The website runs on a fully custom theme that has been highly customized and optimized (including mobile version).

    The website requires a little maintenance, such as replacing video embeds from youtube and comment moderation.

    We believe that this website is worth a whole lot more but we're focusing on another project at the moment.

    The website has spiked in traffic in the last couple of months averaging $100 in ad income and links sales/mo.

    Price: $499.

    Please let us know if you have any questions.

    Kind Regards

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    How good is it?


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