is a very Brandable Social Signal Reseller Website Business

A social signal providing service that virtually runs on auto pilot.

A place where people can come to buy Social Signals and SEO Services to improve their SEO with.

The site itself runs on WordPress and uses a premium responsive theme and makes use of the WooCommerce to take peoples payments.

People can browse products, add them to the cart and then checkout and pay using PayPal. There is also possibility to accept more payment methods like Amazon pay, Stripe, Payza etc.

The site is a few months old or so and all the content on it is unique. We wrote some well researched articles and have added some products to the site. Mostly these are only Facebook and Google social signals at the moment but we are adding more products for more services all the time.

How Does The Site Work?
Buyer searches in Google how to improve their sites SEO or things like buy social signals and finds the site. They can browse the many products and social signals that are for sale, add them to a cart along with any required details, checkout and pay. They are then sent a confirmation email and you are sent one too along with any required details that were needed like their Facebook fan page URL or website URL to be used.

You will then have to buy this whatever was purchased and place the order using your customers given details and then when its finished/delivered to you, send this onto the buyer and that's it!

I will give you the places where you can buy all the sites current services from.

All in the same file with all sites login details and that.

Here is a list of all the plugins the site is using for functionality and to work the way it does.
  • AddThis Sharing Buttons
    For showing share buttons in all the products/blogs and pages.
  • Akismet
    To stop any spam dead. Site uses Disqus commenting anyway.
  • CSS3 Responsive Web Pricing Tables Grids
    This a premium WordPress plugin. This is the daddy of all Pricing Tables and is what we use on the site to show the pricing tables. It comes with many amazing features and templates, themes, versions, options and settings to create professional looking pricing tables and help you sell more easily.
  • Disqus Comment System
    Best way to handle comments on your site allows Facebook, Google login too.
  • Go - Responsive Pricing & Compare Tables
    This pricing table came bundled with the theme and is very good has a lot of features, themes and settings and easy to create quick pricing tables but I have not created any using it and not using it on the site.
  • Google Analytics Dashboard for WP
    So that you can easily connect your site to Analytics!
  • Gravity Forms
    With Gravity Forms we can handle the contact forms and collect customers details when they order from the site such as their URL and email address.
  • Nextend Facebook Connect
    So that people can easily login with their Facebook account. You could use something else as well like AllinOne Social plugin to let people login to your site from most of the social networks, facebook, twitter, google+, pinterest etc.
  • Revolution Slider
    So you can create amazing full screen sliders that look stunning and captivating.
  • WPBakery Visual Composer
    This is the daddy of all page composers! It lets you add many elements to your page or post easily such as sliders, tabbed boxes, accordian faq's, call to actions and CSS3 animated elements that swing into view as you scroll down and all that. Really really cool.
  • Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer
    This plugin increases the effectiveness of WPBakery Visual Composer plugin by adding many more elements to it that you can add OMG!
  • Taxonomy Metadata
    It's just an infrastructure plugin which implements metadata functionality for taxonomy terms for tags and categories. Useful plugin.
  • UX Featured Item Post Type
    Enables a featured item post type and taxonomies.
  • Virtue / Pinnacle ToolKit
    Allows for adding a custom Portfolio with Shortcode ability.
  • WooCommerce
    WooCommerce plugin so that you can easily take peoples payments on your site for the services and products for sale in the shop. Give customer an account they can track their orders with or let them check out as a guest. Take payments in multiple methods and handle shipping, tax and all your orders easily in a professional method.
  • Woocommerce Poor Guys Swiss Knife
    Any pro WooCommerce owner will own a copy of the Poor Guys Swiss Knife plugin! It expands WooCommerce by adding more settings, options and features to it letting you tweak your WooCommerce store to your liking and more like your brand.
  • WooCommerce Subscriptions
    This is the plugin that lets you sell subscription based services where you get paid repeatedly every month. Once you have created the subscription on Paypal this plugs into that. You can create straight subscriptions or even Variable Subscriptions on the Add Product page.
  • WooSidebars
    You'll want these if you want to display your shops products from the store in the sidebar or footer of your site as a widget.
  • WooThemes Helper
    Helps you manage all your woo products and plugins.
  • WP Super Cache
    Speeds up the site by caching the posts/pages and products and serving static pages reducing server load also.
  • XML Sitemap & Google News feeds
    Great for getting your products indexed FAST and listed in Google's News Feeds.
  • YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search
    Users can search in real time for products easily.
  • YITH WooCommerce Wishlist
    Lets people add products and services to their "Wish List" page.
  • Yoast SEO
    The mother of all WordPress SEO plugins! Lets you handle all the SEO settings of your site and set meta information for post and products etc.
How Does The Site Make Money?
There are many Social Signals that you can sell on as well as SEO Services too. These range from Facebook social signals such as Likes and Shares, Twitter social signals like Tweets, retweets etc, Pinterest pins, repins, Google+1 votes and shares and many more! Because the site is using WooCommerce Cart plugin its easy to add new products (social signals) and services to the site that you can sell.

The Social Signal Reseller business can be very lucrative if you have a site that does well for that kind of thing. And when you sell on your own site like this, you can buy many SEO services and Social Signals cheap and sell them at double or even treble the price!

I will share with buyer my social signal reseller where I am able to buy the social signals at a much cheaper price and where you can find many many social signal packages and social media services which you can sell on the site.

Example; if you sell just 10 $10 services a week that's $400 a month. Of course you will have to pay for the social signals yourself but I will share with you where I am able to buy them at 80% cheaper than the prices on the site and you can resell at these prices and they will still sell!

How Much Time Does This Site Take to Run?
It doesn't take more than 5-10 minutes to simply add a new product to the online shop.

It would only take you a couple minutes to place the order that the buyer ordered too.

Does the Site Come with Any Social Accounts?
Yes we have created Twitter, Facebook, Google, Pinterest, Tumblr and several other accounts and pages, Instagram, Disqus, MailChimp etc and populated them so you could say the Social Networking side has been kicked off and established.

Twitter @SocialSignalHub
Facebook #SocialSignalHub
Google /SocialSignalHub

Why Am I Selling This Site?
I'm a web developer and made this site but I don't have the time to maintain it, promote it etc and am looking to raise some funds for a new project. That old chestnut!

Does the Site Make Any Money?
The big question. Honestly, it's only a few months or so old but I have never taken it to that level or promoting, advertising or marketing it or its services and social signals for sale anywhere. I'm sure if I was to do so the site would begin to generate sales and earnings, plus most people are repeat buyers. There is a trickle of daily organic search engine visitors for certain things that people are finding the site for and when you track them through analytics and statcounter some are adding items to cart and visiting cart page but had no checkouts yet but its only a matter of time! That said, this site will make money if it is either advertised/marketed/promoted or even SEO'd in some way as it is a very nice brandable and socially interesting domain name.

What Challenges Are There With This Site?
To market and promote and SEO the site itself. To increase its current ranking positions and to drive more traffic to the site to get more sales and earn more money. There are many many methods of driving traffic to the site and that you can do to improve the ranking positions and organic and direct referral traffic the site gets and overall, more sales and more earnings. Some recommended promotional methods would include some of the following.
  • Article Marketing (Write some articles about SEO or Social Media and submit them to article sites)
  • Forum Marketing (Register accounts on the top forums in this niche for SEO/social media)
  • Blog Commenting (Comment on blogs that blog about seo/social media)
  • Google Groups (Join Google+ Groups Communities and share your products for sale!)
  • Email Campaigns (Send emails to millions of people inviting them to buy your services.
  • Video Marketing (Make videos of you things related to your niche and post them to vid sites like YouTube)
  • Yahoo Answers (Answer peoples questions about SEO/social media and link to your site)
  • Social Media (Of course the best way, build social media accounts and grow them virally)
  • Social Bookmarking (Submit your sites posts/pages/products to the best Social Bookmarking sites, Digg, SU, Reddit etc)
  • Press Release (Write and submit newsworthy press releases about the site and how it can help people)
  • Classified Ads Traffic (You can post classified ads on classified ad sites about your sites products)
  • Media Buying (You can buy traffic from social networking sites like Facebook advertising)
Why Buy This Site?
  • Amazing, Very Brandable and Marketable .com Domain Name.
  • Already Established and Receiving Daily, Growing Organic Traffic.
  • Showing Ranking For Various Keywords Related to Social Signals.
  • Lots of Potential to Earn Lot of Money For Not Much Work.
Domain Details
Domain with NameCheap
Registered: 06/03/2015
Expired: 06/04/2016
Free Domain push/transfer.
Free site installation if needed.

Serious Bidders/Buyers Online Please!
Payment to be made by PayPal within 24 hours.

Thanks for watching any questions just ask!

Happy bidding and Good luck!

Bidding end date: 14/10/2015.