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    ***Established - Dating Site with Active Members*** Inc. .com & .co.uk Domains

    This is a fully functional established website running for the past 4 months with a lot of visitors and 11 active genuine members already! You also get 2 domains with the sale.

    3Dating4U dot com & 3Dating4U dot co dot uk (Expire March 2014)

    The website currently enables members to chat for free on a FREE Membership but the website can be made subscription based easily once you have a lot more members. You can change the membership name, price, how long until it expires and so on.

    The website also has its own smart phone app. To view go here myapp dot is/3Dating4U. It's a FREE app to the site and to it's members. This app can be adjusted easily and is with a company called “The App Builder”. (details provided)

    YOU CONTROL THE SITE. This is not an affiliate blah blah blah you get all log in details and full control to all website files, email addresses and so on. There are also 2 domain names at a cost of around £15 a year for both 3Dating4U dot com and 3Dating4U dot co dot uk which can be transferred to you as long as you have a Godaddy account (free and easy to get). The hosting is with ChickHost dot com at a cost of $6 a month, as the site gets bigger and uses more disk space you can upgrade easily. I have move to ChickHost recently as it was a better deal than my current plan.

    This website currently has an advert on a website called WebOnlineDating dot net for a small fee so check that out also. I also asked if ChickHost dot com would like to advertise on this site which they were happy to do in exchange for free hosting. This was only agreed for the duration that I owned the site, however, as soon as the website is sold a months hosting (at $6) will be required in order to keep the website live.

    All pictures of statistics uploaded. Except August 2013 as this was during transfer. There is also a small Facebook campaign I did a while ago.

    Advertising & Marketing

    The website is advertised with the folllowing:

    google add url

    4 subdomains: 3dating4u dot webs dot com/, 3dating4u dot weebly dot com/, ad9791 dot wix dot com/3dating4u, 3dating4u dot yolasite dot com. All username and password details provided.

    Plus a total of 1,644 backlinks for 3dating4u dot com and 353 for 3dating4u dot co dot uk.

    There is a Facebook page however this is linked to my own page so I can remove this to enable you to create a page for the site. There is also a Twitter account with currently 569 followers (all real) I don't believe in these sites that can give you thousands of followers for $5 etc.

    Username and password provided. You have full control over the website and its members. You will have full control of all email accounts of course as these will be in your cpanel.

    admin at 3dating4u dot com
    support at 3dating4u dot com
    twitter at 3dating4u dot com

    I am selling this website as I am not able to put the time and effort I have been doing into the website as I now need this time for other projects.

    I have really enjoyed working with this website and getting to grips with the coding and software to edit it. You will require to download Notepad++ which is free to download just search on Google for this. It will enable you to edit the 3Dating4U website a lot more easily.

    Feel free to look at the website have a browse and see what you think. Any questions please ask. All pictures of statistics etc have been uploaded.

    Domains 3Dating4U dot com and 3Dating4U dot co dot uk have been estimated at £30 each. You will receive access to all sub-domain sites, app builder, cpanel account, files content will be yours, EVERYTHING. But we will see what happens with the auction.

    If there is anything I have missed or you are interested in let me know.

    Many thanks for reading and good luck to everyone.
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    chrisc58 is offline IM & SEO Quiet One chrisc58 is on a distinguished road
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    ***this is now sold***


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