Hi all, I'm interested in selling my BoobTubeFans.com forum/domain.

I set this up just a month or two ago. I started postings on it, built a couple articles to it through Ezine and GoArticles in the past 2 weeks. Also created some bookmarks and wikis that are still dripping (on IMT) and done some in specific niche forum posting (done by me).

Site currently has 48 links showing in Google WM Tools but other will be dripping in as Google finds my links.

I have also made sure that well written posts with topics that are being searched for on Google have been used. So far things have been done right on this site to have a chance to really grow. No black hat or blasts have been done.

Right now expect little to no traffic/income as things are still being built up.

The site is being hosted on a free phpbb hosting site. You will get admin log in information to do what you want with the content. You can pay $5 per month for ad free hosting that will give you access to place your own ads or you can host it yourself. You will need to know how to backup and move everything from prophpbb.

Though the content is good, I believe the money is really in the domain name.

BoobTube Fans is very brand-able. It can be kept as a forum or TV news, etc site.

The reason I'm interested in selling: I'm just to busy and have other projects that are making money now. It has a good start for someone that would like to get a forum going and has an awesome domain name that you can brand.

If not sold here first, it will be listed on flippa.com in the next couple of weeks.

Please PM me your fare offer if interested.