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    9 in 1 SEO & Social Business Website - Premium Design - Make Money As Reseller Service

    Ready Made Professional Designed Turnkey Business Website.
    Make Extra Cash Next Days in Easier Works!

    9 in 1 SEO & Social Media Business Website
    Premium design.
    4 colours style
    Screenshot 1
    Screenshot 2
    Screenshot 3
    Screenshot 4

    Click for LIVE DEMO website

    What you will get:
    1. Full content of wordpress website
    2. SQL database of wordpress website
    3. Premium themes & plugin worth over $75
    4. Backup image (slider & logo .PSD)
    5. Supplier information for outsourced works
    6. FREE INSTALATION on your server

    2 Important Keys to Monetize this Business
    Create - Optimize - Get Sales
    Create - Flip It - Get Money

    50% OFF for purchase 9 in 1 SEO & Social Media Business Website

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    For free instalation please contact me via PM after purchase the turnkey business website.
    Send me your cpanel login and the domain name.

    Any Question?
    Please feel free to post here or just PM me your queries.

    What can be achieved with this website?
    If you are looking for a new website that makes $1,000 every 10 days without any work on your part then you definitely haven’t found it. I’m sure we’d all like to believe these types of claims with paypal screenshots to be true! But let’s get real.

    How could a brand new website with no ranking or traffic be making so much money?
    The answer is staring is all in the face! But we choose to throw aside our reasoning as we want to believe it’s true. I’m really not one for bad mouthing what some other sellers may be doing but I just wanted you to understand where I’m coming from.
    Now if you want a professional designed website at an affordable price this website might be what you’re looking for. I know a lot of people want to make instant money but that isn’t a real business. If you set a bit of time each week to promote and generate website traffic then it can be achievable to make a nice online income.

    Site Highlights
    9-in-1 SEO & Social Media Business Website
    Wordpress Platform for easy editing
    Professional designed with premium theme worth over $100
    Outsourced business, no experience required
    Make at least $20 per sale

    This 9 in 1 SEO & Social Media Business Website - Offers the top Social Media Services for Facebook Fans, Twitter Followers, Google+1 and Youtube Views, also offers for SEO Services such Article Submission Service, Bookmarking Service, Blog Commenting, Website Traffic, and Microniche Service, all in one website.
    These services are in very high demand and are fully outsourced to internet marketer experts who do the hard work for you. Many people require these services including Business owners, Internet Marketers, work from home Entrepreneurs, in fact anyone who has an online service or website can highly benefit from these services. The SEO & Social Media platform is without doubt the best network to generate business from due to the huge amount of users who consistently use it on a daily basis.
    This is a professionally designed website and with the correct promotion and optimization this site has the potential to attract a huge amount of customers and make some nice sales. If you get ranked in the search engines you could start to make a nice weekly wage from selling a range of packages each week. The huge majority of your customer base will be buying these SEO services and/or social media promotions for their business.
    Many businesses spend tens of thousands per year on advertising and promoting their company.

    The website is completely setup, ready for business and made for you to create money. It is close to fully automated, with no website maintenance required and it only takes minimal work on your part to process customers’ orders.

    The prices on the website are set to the prices that I would recommend pricing packages at. It's VERY easy to change prices/rates on the website and I would be more than happy to help you do that if you end up winning the auction.

    Easy to Run! No Experience Needed!
    The ordering process is a really easy process and uses Paypal in fact you need ZERO experience to get going with your new business.
    Just follow these 5 steps below:
    1. You will be notified of a new order straight to your designated email inbox.
    2. Instant payment will be sent to your Paypal account.
    3. You forward that order to the suppliers that I supply you with along with their small fee.
    4. Your supplier emails you once the order has been completed.
    5. You email the customer to inform that their order has been completed.
    It's completely idiot proof!

    You will not have to worry about anything else and you will not have to spend the effort doing the services at all. The suppliers will do the posts for you. And your customers will not know you are outsourcing the work! This is 100% white label and it is just like having your own staff, without the expensive price tag.

    50% OFF for purchase 9 in 1 SEO & Social Media Business Website

    BUY NOW!

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    Interesting concept.. was looking forward to seeing what type of prices you were offering but I get a 404 error from your homepage...

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    New product


    Facebook Fans Business Website
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    Twitter Followers Business Website
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    Google Plus Business Website
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    Youtube Views Business Website
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