Social Votes & Bookmarking Services
After countless messages and emails sent to me concerning my social votes services I've decided to reopen some of them for a short period of time. I am currently offering mass Delicious social bookmarking, Google +1s, twitter rt votes, fb likes, fb shares, fb fan page, stumbleupon, and Digg votes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are all of these votes/bookmarks real?
Yes! They are all 100% unique and real. While most of them will be from the United States I can guarantee every vote and bookmark you have done through me will be unique and real people from totally different IPs.

every order delivery takes 4 hours of time. within 4 hours ill deliver your order.

Buy the Service of Your Choice...

Digg Votes
50 Votes: $10

fb likes , fb shares, fb fanpage likes
50 votes : $8
100 votes : 15$

google plus +1's
50 votes: $8
100 votes : $15

twitter rt's
50 votes : $10

stumpleupon likes/stumbles
50 votes : $10


40 votes : 10$

What you need to provide me:
You have to give me a link of your website on which you want bookmarks.
Give your website link and tell me which bookmarks you want.

You have to pay me via paypal. PM me to get the payment details.
contact me directly to md00imran (at) gmail (.) com
thank you