I'm selling the script for Aumio, a social game for web and iPhone to unlock time-sensitive deals by sharing them with Facebook friends.

Aumio is a mix between Groupon and Foursquare -it's like Groupon in that many people must share the deals to unlock them, and it's like Foursquare in that they earn points and collect badges for sharing the deals.

Try the web app at aumio.com and the iPhone app at the App Store (app name Aumio). Please contact me to try the CMS.

The regular price is $300 for the iPhone and web script. I'm offering a $50 discount for IMTalk users.

Please note that Aumio itself is not for sale -the script is. You can customize the script to target a specific niche, or you can hire a developer to do it (tip: my team is available for hire

My name is Bruno and you can read all about Aumio and my team at afflabs.com

Thank you for looking!