I have 10 Yahoo answers level 2 account, I took time to build them and they are 100% legitimate. I manually created them and I'm today giving you the chance to buy them from me. I know I'm new here and that I have to build some reps before start selling, but I know that I have those accounts under my hand and that I can Show you those accounts live by sharing screen with me, I will log into them and show you that's it. Once you send me the payment on paypal I will give it to you immediately access to them and you can change the password to whatever you want so that it'll be 100% under you control.

It's 3 weeks now that I reached level 2 on those accounts and I'm willing to give you an extra guarantee, if you didn't use the account and it gets banned for unknown reason I will simply give your money back. I'm 100% sure that this will not happen, but it's just a piece of mind i'm giving you there because I'm new to this Forum.

So, the price for 1 Yahoo Answers level 2 account (with ability to post links in answers) is CAD $10 each.

PM me