Hi Guys/Girls..

I know you offer lots of services as well as your marketing activity and was wondering if anyone had time to build me a good looking website..

Now.. I have basic HTML skills and need someone with advanced design skills I am looking for a professional to do a professional job.. If I wanted a template I would buy a template myself.. so Photoshop and drawing skills are needed.. (the things I lack at)

The first thought should be design and the 2nd is getting enquiries I am getting 1000 hits a month (which in my business is a very high number) all searching to book a Mobile Disco/Wedding DJ.. but my phone calls numbers are pathetic and my leads through the site are less..

If you have got decent design skills message me with your price for a 40 page website to start with some coding for the contact form/online quote machine and prices page.. this job could lead into 200 pages with a bit more coding to create playlists for customers etc etc..

I dont need every page to be different.. Quite happy for related pages just to be a copy of the css file.

Send me a PM with sites you have created and give me a rough estimate of costs..