Taplink – multiple links for Instagram

Taplink is a smart link service for Instagram that allows you to get more clients and substantially increase sales.

Taplink permits to collect links to messengers, social networks, and important pages of your web site in one place and generate a unique link. You will just have to add this link to the description of your Instagram account and enjoy the flow of new clients!

For whom?

Taplink will suit anyone who needs to post several links in an Instagram account and obtain the convenient means of communication with the audience. It is indispensable for bloggers and those who sells goods and renders services thru Instagram:
- Online stores
- Infopreneurs
- Business coaches
- MLM specialists
- Beauty salons
- Cafes and restaurants
- Fitness clubs and yoga studios
- and any other business

What problems are solved by Taplink?

Instagram account holders encounter the following issues every day:
1) Description is limited to 150 symbols.
2) Only one clickable link is allowed in a profile.
3) WhatsApp number is not clickable, it cannot be copied and used for communication with you.
4) It is permitted to specify only one clickable email address.
5) Facebook link can only be opened in Instagram browser where the user is not authorized and therefore cannot join a group.

How does it work?

Step 1. Log in
Go to taplink.at site and log in thru your Instagram account.

Step 2. Create several links
Specify all links where you wish to direct the Instagram traffic. These can be links to the types of goods in your online store, links to event ads, info products, sales promotion pages, etc.

Step 3. Add messengers
To enable your customers to write from their Instagram to any messenger that you use in one click, add your contact data in various messengers. As a result, active messenger buttons will appear on your page. Now, when an Instagram customer presses a messenger button, a conversation with you will open on his/her smartphone in a messenger app, and he/she will be able to write you a message. You will not lose a single customer anymore!

Step 4. Get all of the benefits
Get the most of Taplink. Complementary to creation of the unlimited number of links and active messenger buttons, you can:
- add text boxes of unlimited size containing explanatory and marketing information.
- add links to your social network communities;
- create a Questions and Answers block for addressing objections;
- add a video or an image carrousel;
- set up a block display schedule;
- select a color scheme or create your own branded design;
- add a Facebook pixel and get a statistics of clicks on your links.

Step 5. Place a link in BIO
Add a new Taplink link to your Instagram account.

Step 6. Tell your subscribers about new capabilities
Make an individual post in Instagram where you say everything that you have done for your subscribers. For example, “We are happy to let you know that now you can quickly go to any section of our site using a link in the description of our account, and communicate with us thru any messenger in just one click”. Your customers will be grateful for the improvements you make to your service.


Three rates are available: BASIC, PRO, and BUSINESS.
BASIC rate is totally free. It lets you create an unlimited number of links, add text boxes, and a Questions and Answers block.
PRO rate costs 2$ per month if you pay for a full year, and contains more than 30 marketing tools. The participants of this message board get a 10% discount as a gift. When paying for PRO, enter HELLO10 promo code.
BUSINESS rate costs 4.5$ per month if you pay for a full year. It includes all PRO features plus it allows creating application forms, configuring instant notifications to messengers, receiving payments and a lot of other functions.

How to get a BUSINESS rate for free?

The first 20 users from this message board will get the BUSINESS rate free of charge for 1 year in exchange for a review. When registering, use the five-day trial access to the BUSINESS rate, evaluate its functionality, and post a true review here. Repeat this info to us in a personal message, additionally indicating your login on our service. After checking your review, we will activate your BUSINESS rate for one year completely free of charge.