Limited time offer from nelsahost,buy dedicated server and get cPanel,softaculous,cloud linux and rv skins licences for free.
And that is not all,we will deploy server and install and configure everything for you,from cpanel,softaculous to attracta SEO,multi PHP selector to cloud flare extensions.
You will get ready to go cpanel dedicated server with most popular extensions installed and licensed,softaculous,rv skins,cloud flare,attracta SEO andmulti PHP selector.
Also we will configure and compile everything other for you with EasyApache 4
and install all tools and extensions every hosting company needs on cpanel server like ion cube loader
mod_cloudflare,mbstring,mcrypt and some other php mods and extensions..etc.

Server Specification

Dedicated Server

Intel Xeon E-5 2.00GHz 6t/12t

8 to 16 Gb RAM(depending on location)

500GB to 1TB HDD(depending on location)

cPanel licence included

Softaculous,RVskins included

Cloud Linux Licence Included

Provision time 4-24 hours

Pre installed cPanel,softaculous,attracta SEO,cloud flare,multiPHP selector…etc

Locations available Amstardam,Singapore,Melburn

Locations with upgrade to dual intel xeon E-5 and 16GB RAM +50$
2 CPU Intel Xeon 2.0GHz E-5 12 cores/24 threads 16GB Ram

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