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    How to do keyword research the right way!!!

    Hi guys,,

    I would like to give a little back to anyone who is new to Internet marketing or anyone who just has not got the time to do GOOD keyword research..

    Firstly I will tell you that I am not offering my services on a huge scale,, I am a busy medical student so my time is very valuable, but i know how hard it is when you start all this and you are very new, But it can still be a bit scary, with lots of info to learn.

    Anyways I have 2 things to offer on her

    1st is KEYWORD service where i will do extensive Keyword research for you in any niche, and find you what you are after,,

    My specialty is finding GREAT AdSense Keywords with low competition,, getting a good exact search count!! with a high Cost per click,,

    I found one yesterday that i registered the Domain with 14,000 exact match search and $2.50 Cost per click and only 30000 phrase count competition,,, sounded too good to let that one pass up so i registered it and someone is building me a site for that as we speak!!

    As i said if you would me to research this for you then PM me,, we will work something out,, Iím not going to charge loads,, just what i think is within reason to cover my time,, but a rough estimate would be $45 for my services,, but this will all depend on what your wanting m to do,, as i said this is NOT my main source of income so I will take each project personally and work out what needs to be done so , PM me if youíre interested!!

    Next i have an excellent Product that will teach you the MUST know information on how to carry out proper keyword research!! Using free tools, Market Samurai, and Google keyword tool, with a very clever short cut that someone taught me!!! And i have never looked back since, i can literally churn these keywords out like there is no tomorrow, honestly you will NEVER read a better guide to keyword research...

    If you are interested in the guide then PM ME,, it will cost you $29 and is made up of a 75 page PDF,, so if youíre a newbie or even an experienced IM that struggles with Keyword research then this guide is all that you will ever need to know,,, you will even be able to provide a good service to others doing keyword research after this, it is that detailed.. Anyways, i hope a newbie reads this as it will save them so much time and effort that can be wasted following BAD keywords,

    Thanks for spending the time to read this and remember

    "Success Is an attitude NOT a destination!!!

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    I really like the kind of services you are offering here.
    But I believe Market Samurai is not free besides the keyword research part of it.


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