Hello. We are a startup working on an AI ( Natural Language Processing ) project. We are starting to offer few services for social media marketers.

Its related to Twitter.

We can take care of automatic tweeting for you. We already have a news analytics product. So, you can get latest news tweets related to your product/service/business
to engage followers. This is also helpful in maintaining an active twitter account when you don't have much time for this. Not just news , we can also tweet quotes from a database of nearly 12000+ quotes.

You can also create favorites of tweets containing certain keywords. For favoriting, we have developed an algorithm which makes it possible to favorite tweets from users who are most likely follow/engage with you further. There are limits to doing this imposed by twitter, so we can do it every few hours. I already have a system in place doing everything mentioned above.

If you need anything more challenging, let me know.

I am just starting out, so be assured, pricing won't be an issue for you. If you have multiple accounts to manage, even better.

PM me/comment below to know more. To start, all you need to do is provide few keywords related to your business.