I am working on a new seo related blog and would like to offer you the opportunity to have one or more of your seo articles displayed on the site.
The articles need to be in good english with original content, please don't spin someone else's artice and can have one link in them and one link in your about the author area.
There will be no other OBL apart from my own adwords links and I will keep the blog clean so that you get maximum exposure.

Currently the blog contains spinned articles from other seo sites. All these articles will be removed in the next coming weeks.
The blog needs a lot of work right now as I have just let it be for a few months so the PR is only 1 for the moment and Alexa is not great. Again I have done no work on it yet I will work on the design and rest of the optimization in the coming weeks.

if you are interested email me your article directly: seo AT jgessentials dot com
let me know if you have any questions