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    Download a free guide on how to make a recurring monthly income of $46,656 (no opt-in)

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    For more information, download the free guide in the attachment
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    I downloaded the viral Franchise. I understand it is on a pyramid sales scale. Which is okay. I understand net working and I understand even the largest corporations in the real world are on pyramid sales, I mean if Walmart stopped selling electronics the stockers, assistant managers and store managers would have to answer for it and probably be fired. My question is..... what am I selling for the $7 fee? Is there a benefit other than reselling just a zip file?
    BY the way--- no viruses were detected so the download is 100% safe just to let other users know!

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    bloggersjoy Guest
    Thanks Johnny for confirming that the file is virus and safe to download.
    I have downloaded the file and read it but some questions are not clear.
    What do I have to sell for $7?
    What if not me but others in my downline fail in selling and what if no downline people get success in selling it to other 6 people?


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