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    Has any body ever been in a life or death situation?

    This happened to me about 20 years ago but its crazy I can still recall everything in vivid memory. I owned a carpet cleaning company and it was an old run down apartment building that I had a job called into. The maintenance guy I thought was cool, I had talked to him on several occasions. The day before this happened he asked me how much money I carried on me... I said only $15.00 I throw $5 in the gas tank and then have enough for lunch. (you know that was a long time ago! I put $5 in my LAWN MOWER now!) anyway he called me to look at this carpet and it was on the 3rd floor down an empty hallway, way in the back. When we walked in I heard him shut and LOCK the front door. I said man this carpet is wasted. has to be replaced. He said I don't give a "F*** about the carpet so i carried a .38 special behind my back and said your right lets take shots at the wall and pulled that pistol and cocked it back. My mind was racing, I did not want to point it at him, yet I had to get out of this situation so I used the JOKE routine. Joke about shooting the wall but let him know I was armed. He said man Joe I had no Idea you had a gun, can I see it. I said i dont think so, unlock the door and get. He said oh, man I was just joking with you! Yeah right. I held it together but when I got in my truck I started shaking real bad. I remember having tunnel vision. That was a BAD day! I hear people talk tuff and my friends say Joe you could have shot him. That's the whole point no decent , good person wants to hurt anyone. I felt I defused that situation right, no one got hurt. I NEVER went back! I will tell everyone, I was scared. I didn't show it but I was scared.

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    Once in their life everybody come to a life and death situation which they cannot forget for their entire life

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    Wow, it's great you got out of that alive! Some people will kill over even a little money

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    mine was when i was working in a bank when i mistakenly paid out a very huge sum of money to an unknown customer, luckily for me he came back after two days to return it, that was the very day my boss had alerted the police to arrest me


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