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    Effective Email Marketing Template Design strategies

    Email marketing is one of the biggest advertising platform and occupied most of the share in marketing with it's future proof marketing channel. We are enjoying a world of mobile friendly accessing web ads and emails that gives us instant updates about the things we love.

    So What are the best ways to make it more powerful and impactful?
    Simplicity is the best strategy, so keep your email marketing template design as simple as possible.
    Makes your your fonts, colors, images and entire theme should be as per design or branding guidelines.

    Keep in mind that your users use different devices, that should be displayed in various devices, so display it at full width and proper height.

    Basic design guidelines we should maintain, there should be a hero image on the top, then body of the text will come, in the ending you can design a call to action button, then footer links.

    Make sure your call to action should be attractive, actionable verbs and user must engage to it right? Do not use traditional words like "Click here to view more", try something like "Get your FREE kit" which is actionable verb.

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    You should adhere to a strict rules in email marketing, you need to be flexible and dynamic in order to reach your customers expectations. Design your email marketing template in multiple ways, every time try something different.

    Do not irritate your customer with lengthy text, make it simple and lucid. Edit your emails with rigor. Long and unwieldy emails slaughter your readers’ interest. Challenge yourself to cut your text by half next time you edit. So that they can enjoy your wow factors.


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