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    What is consistency in website design and how to active it?

    Consistency in human life will give you good results and it is essential to become a successful person.
    Same way we have different consistencies like
    - Visual Consistency
    - Functional Consistency
    - Internal Consistency
    - External Consistency.

    The better example for this is Microsoft Word, if you know word then you easily access Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook etc., Because most of the options look like same.

    So what are your observations regarding the same?

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    Consistency can’t be ensured by simple tasks such as creating style guides and defining user interface rules before emailing them around. To provide a quality experience to your users it is essential that you are consistent in both design and content of your websites.Usability of your website should be logical and this can be accomplished with consistency. The visual design of your website should be consistent. Users become familiar with the small details of your site.

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    Consistency in web design

    Consistency: It is best to keep the same elements on each page of your web design. A typical web design has three layouts-
    * a home page
    * content pages
    * forms

    There are some factors you need to look out for:

    color is the first thing that draws a visitor's eyes. They not only need to be complimentary, they also need to appropriate for the business. It requires not only a good eye, but also consultation with the client.

    Graphics do not only need to be appropriate for the product, but also the market.

    Font choice can mean a successful or a laughing stock website. There are thousand to choose from, doesn't mean we should use them all.

    The importance of having consistent website design is to keep a coherent brand and make it more premium in the minds of visitors to your website.

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    Consistency is a key factor in and product design, creative design, graphic design or website design where there should be an industry standard that should be approved by many critics.

    Maintaining a design consistency is brings good appeal to viewers and draws their attention which is a part of User Experience qualities.

    As our member mentioned above, Font is one of the important thing in design, we cannot use bold all the time, or light fonts all the time. Fonts will change as per the design, fashion industry fonts are quite different from Corporate Industry. From Open sans to Poppins there are so many new fonts coming for free.


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