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    What is URL structure? and How to make it SEO friendly using WordPress?

    Website design made easy with WordPress Content Management system which is free and open source with lot of free themes and plugins. So people are easily designing websites using free WordPress themes and doing SEO with free plugins like Yoast, Ultimate SEO, All in one seo etc., popular plugins.

    Url structure we can change in settings > permalink > post name. We should select post name because it is much related to post content. It can be easily crawled and ranked well in search engines when compared to post url with it's ID.

    While creating weblog posts or pages we should give proper slug. Slug means:
    The post slug is the user friendly and URL valid name of a post. Most common usage of this feature is to create a permalink for each post. WordPress automatically generates post slugs from a post's title. However, it is not used in the URL until custom permalinks are enabled for use ” %postname%” in the URL structure.

    This is how we will seo friendly and user friendly structured urls. Because user can briefly understand the post content easily.

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    I usually switch to custom as a part of WP setup. I also tend to put /articles/post-name-here. I add the "article" bit to distinguish it from a blog. Personal preference really...as I don't actually have anything to back up that Google values one over the other, but I believe that it might at some point.

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    Having your keywords or title in the url I believe does impact your seo rankings positively. So it's a technique to use for your website.

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    Focus on title for user friendly, not many user care about slug more Bots.

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    URL structure is having some keyword and it should be simply understood by audience and for serachengines too. it's like imtalk.com/url-structure like that simple and straight.

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    SEO friendly urls does impact your website's ranking in search engine result pages if you create it professionally. Our url should not contain unrelated slug with the content, it should have some terms which are present in our web page title and website content. When you have a url that matches with your web page title and paragraph then it will surely increase that page's rank.

    Not only url structure but we can improve in the areas like meta tags, meta descriptions etc.,


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