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    Best place to host RSS feeds of backlinks

    I've created 170 rss feeds of wiki posts and bookmarks which link to my money site and wondered where's best to host? I currently have them on Amazon S3? Does it have any effect if they were on the same domain as my money site?

    Also submitting 170 rss feeds to directories would be a long process, could I create man RSS feeds made up of the RSS feeds?

    basically this would end up into the following link profile

    1 RSS Feed > 8 RSS feeds > 170 RSS feeds

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    I used to use icerocket and it seemed like the best service out of all the free ones. Now since they don't host RSS feeds anymore, I just sign up for a free web hosting service, create my own RSS feeds/XML files and upload them to a subdomain. If you want to combine more than one RSS feed into one RSS feed, you can use Yahoo Pipes. They can just combine RSS feeds but not host them.


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