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    My complete guide on how to build backlinks


    [COLOR="rgb(0, 0, 0)"]Backlink Guide[/COLOR]
    This is just a basic guide about backlinks. As I read through the forums, I see a lot of
    people don't really understand the science of a backlink. I remember when I first started
    off in the internet marketing world I thought the only way to get backlinks was
    submitting loads of articles to ezine articles. Since then I have came a long way and still
    to this date I learn new facts about backlinks.
    In this guide I will cover:
    • The different types of backlinks
    • How to get backlinks
    • Difference between a good and bad backlink
    • How Google rates the different types of backlinks
    • How to get your backlinks seen by Google (Backlink indexing)
    • List of different automated backlinking tools
    So without further ado lets get started
    The Different types of backlinks
    So lets get started and go over the different types of backlinks that you can get. Below
    you will find a list of the mot important types of backlinks that you can have on your
    Blog Comments: Blog Comment Backlinks are the most popular type of backlink
    available. They consist of a user finding blogs with commenting enabled, and including
    their link in the Website field, and their Main Keyword in the Name field. This creates a
    hyperlink with Anchor Text to their website. They then would make a comment on the
    blogs article to try to get the blog owner to approve the link.
    Forum Profiles (Profile links): Forum Profile Backlinks are the second most popular
    type of backlink. These are much harder to get naturally in large quantity. When you
    sign up for a forum or other website, they will usually allow you to create a “Profile”
    page which has options to display your occupation, date of birth, favorite food etc. They
    also usually have an option to add any short html message. You can drop a link there
    with your anchor text.
    Forum Signatures: Forum Signatures usually provide a lot of click through traffic, and
    they are easy to create a ton of natural links to your website. If you post meaningful
    content, the links will stick around for a long time and provide a heavy boost of natural,
    free traffic.
    Blogrolls: Blogrolls are another great source of traffic, and they are also very good
    authority links if you get them on a related blog page. A good source of Blogroll
    backlinks is to actually contact the owner of the blog, and simply ask if they would link
    to link to your page. These links will show up on every page of the blog.
    Source Links: If your website or blog provides important facts or breaking news stories,
    then you may be able to add your link as a source on wiki pages. Pages like Wikipedia
    are always interested in providing reliable source and proof for their articles, so if you
    notice something in Wikipedia is lacking written proof, you may be able to research
    further into it, gather the proof needed, and quote your website as the citation. Usually
    you will not have anchor text available for this type of link.
    Social Media: Sites such as Twitter and Facebook are fast becoming the number 1
    resource for bloggers as a way to grow their blogs. Not only is it a great way to network
    with your followers and reach out to fellow bloggers, it is also a great way of pointing
    links back to your site. Recent updates to the Google algorithm have seen more
    importance placed on links from Social Media and its importance is only likely to grow
    as its popularity increases.
    RSS Directories: Your RSS feed can be submitted to RSS directories as a great way of
    getting backlinks on autopilot. Every time you publish a new post, you get instant
    backlinks from these directories. Not only that, but other people can put your feed on
    their sites for more exposure and backlinks.
    .edu & .gov links: The links are very powerful and 5 good .edu/.gov in most cases will
    equal in weight to 100's of normal links.
    Social Bookmarking sites: Reddit, Mixx, Slashdot etc... These are great for getting
    more traffic to your sites.
    Article Links: These are links that you place in related articles and submit to different
    articles directories, These links are also great because they can bring you some good
    traffic as well as provide good link juice.
    As you can see there are a ton of different types of links that you can have pointing to
    your site. The key is to get as many relevant links as you can. Meaning if your site is
    about home improvement you really don't want a link from a blog about losing weight.
    Its also important to add link diversity, Google likes to see a site that gets there links
    from a number of different sources not just a ton of links from one source.
    Backlink references:
    10 Types of Backlinks to Avoid
    4 Types Of Backlinks To Grow Your Blog
    Different Types Of Backlinks For Top Rankings In All Search Engines
    Most Common Type of Backlinks - Link Building Services | Link Building Services
    How To Get Backlinks
    Now that you know about the different types of backlinks you can get, the next step is to
    find out how to get those backlinks. In this day and age you have a lot of options to
    choose from to get backlinks. I remember when I first started off it wasn’t nearly as
    many tools and services that are out now.
    Here are a couple of ways that you can get backlinks (I've pretty much tried all of them):
    Services: They have a lot of different link building services available that will cover
    your linking job for a 1 time fee or monthly fee. I have used services before and it
    worked wonders for me, if you have the extra cash to get a service I would suggest you
    go this route. It saves you time and the headache of building the links yourself.
    Software/Plug-ins: These are also great to use, If you don’t trust someone else handling
    your linking campaign this is a great to have. It automates the process of you having to
    link by hand, and you can build a large number of links faster. You can also hire a
    outsourcer to run the program for you to fully relieve you of linking. Plugins are tools
    than run on there own, normally being connected to a host such as wordpress etc...The
    normally perform task like sending ping and track-backs to your blog or commenting on
    other blogs in your niche.
    Natural: This is the way Google intended your site to get backlinks. Instead of building
    the links yourself, natural links occur when someone goes to your site, likes your content
    etc...And link back to it. This is a very slow method of getting backlinks and can take
    yrs to receive.
    Self links: This is were you don’t use any services or software's to get your links, and
    instead you go and build the links yourself. You sign up to the different sites and submit
    you links. This can be very slow and time consuming, but if you don’t have the cash to
    pay a service or purchase a software then you have to do what you have to do (I had to
    do this when I first started).
    The Anatomy Of A Backlink
    Most people view backlinks in two different ways, Either complicated or not
    complicated. The way I view them is in-between both. While backlinks are not that
    complicated it is more to it than building a load of backlinks and succeeding.
    You have to take into account that Google does treats certain backlinks different than
    others. Meaning that some backlinks carry more power than others, This is where things
    such as Page rank, relevancy, and link type comes into effect.
    I really don’t like to use the term “bad backlink”, I feel unless your links are spammy
    then it no such thing as a bad backlink. Google gives more power to certain types of
    links than others. So the object is to have as many good links as you can, while still
    diversifying your links with a couple of “not so good links”
    Here a list to explain a couple of factors that goes into determining a good and not so
    good backlink.
    Good backlinks include:
    • Link on a relevant site, article, blog etc..
    • Link on a high Page Rank site
    • Link diversity
    • Links with anchor text variation
    • Diversity of no/do-follow links
    Not so good backlinks include:
    • Link on a non relevant site
    • Link on a no page rank site
    • No link diversity
    How Google Rates Different Types Of
    Its really not a definite way to know how exactly Google rates the different types of
    backlinks. We can just assume through I series of test and just the overall knowledge of
    building different type of links and see what makes your site rank faster etc...
    So from doing my own research over the years a couple things that I've learned is that:
    1. All links are good (that aren’t spam)
    2. never put all your eggs in one basket
    3. Never think you have Google figured out
    From my own experience and researching others past experiences I have come up with a
    sort of ranking system for backlinks.
    I will break them up into 3 groups based on normal arena seating:
    1. Court-side tier links
    2. Mid-court links
    3. Nose-Bleed tier links
    Court-side links include:
    • .edu/.gov links
    • High PR 6-9 links
    • High PR 6-9 profile links
    • High PR 6-9 relevant article links
    • High PR 6-9 all types of forum links
    • Varied anchor text in all links
    Mid-Court links:
    • Medium PR 2-5 links
    • Medium PR 2-5 profile links
    • Medium PR 2-5 relevant article links
    • Medium PR 2-5 all types of forum links
    Nose-Bleed Links:
    Includes all other links not mention above, 0-PR, non relevant links on sites, and
    spamming forum links.
    Different Types Of Software To get
    I will briefly go over a couple of software's that I have personally used to get my link
    building jobs done.
    Senuke: This is a great tool that I still use to this date, and with with new version
    senukeX it's really as everything that you need for building your links, hey allow you to
    spin your content as well as use different proxies, account creation automation, and also
    • Profile link module
    • Article submission
    • Web 2.0 blog submission
    • Social bookmarking submission
    • Rss feed submission
    • Pinging
    • And the ability to run 24/7 (New with the senukeX)
    Here's the link to the senuke site (Im not an affiliate)
    SEnuke X SEO Software - The World's First Money Making Machine
    ScrapeBox: Scrape box is a In between software to use, now when I Say in between I
    mean that it can be used as a good backlink software as well as a spam software if not
    used correctly. What scrapebox does is scrape the web to find website that you can post
    comments with your link in them.
    Scrapebox has a little bit of a steep learning curve because you have to be able to plug in
    the right “Footprints” to be able to find he types of blogs and links you need. If you cant
    overcome this curve they have lists that are available to people either free or paid.
    Here's the scrapebox site (I am not a affiliate)
    ScrapeBox – Harvest, Check, Ping, Post
    These are the only two software's that I have personally used, below I have a list of good
    software that others highly recommend:
    social bookmarking demon
    Social Bookmarking Software, Social Bookmarking Tool
    XRumer - Professional XRumer SEO Link Building Software
    rss submit pro
    RSS Submit
    magic submitter
    Magic Submitter
    How To Get Backlinks Indexed Faster
    We all know that its not very hard to get hundreds of backlinks for a low cost, but the
    problem is people buy all of these links and wait months on time for most of them to
    even me indexed and noticed by google as a backlink pointing back to their sites.
    So people have come up with a sulotion to this, the solution has two positive sides to it:
    1. Its gets your links noticed by google much faster
    2. It gives your backlinks some link juice as well, making them more effective
    They way we go about getting links indexed are some of the same steps we use to get
    our websites, blogs, and articles indexed using tactics such as:
    • Pinging url's
    • Submitting Rss feeds
    • Social bookmarking etc...
    By doing some of these you allow more avenues for the google crawlers to index your
    links much faster than waiting.
    There are a lot of services and software out today to speed up this process. I really only
    rely on 3 methods to getting my backlinks indexed, and they work wonders for me.
    Submitting Rss Feeds: This is a very effect way to get Google to notice all of your
    newly created backlinks. Here are the steps to get this done:
    • Create Rss feeds out of your backlinks (If they don’t already have a Rss feed)
    • After you create your feeds, group them into groups of 10-20 (I don’t go higher
    than 20)
    • Create a 1 Rss feeds out of your groups (So you don’t have to submit hundreds of
    Rss feeds) you can go here to find out more 10 Best 4 Column Wordpress Themes
    And once you get your Rss feeds grouped, submit them to the top rss feed directories.
    Pinging Url's: This is simple all you have to do is run your backlink url's through a
    pinging tool and wait for Google to crawl your sites
    Backlink Energizer: This is a great word-press plugin that gets your links indexed at a
    very high rate, this is my number 1 choice for getting my links indexed. Here's a link to
    explain more (I am not a affiliate)
    Backlink Energizer
    Now that you have the scoop on backlinks I hope that you understand a little better
    about the way that backlinks work. Remember to keep your link diversity high and don’t
    hurt your sites with spammy backlinks

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    You need to learn to use formatting codes. :P

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    Yeah I agree with that. This article format make me confused.

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    Happy people like the guide

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    very comprehensive guide......very nice

    Thanks Fredsmith

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    great guide fredsmith

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    the guide content is good, but, the structure is bad.. >.< make me confused..

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    Sounds great. Will anyone give me the list of profile creation link.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ajaymalya22 View Post
    Sounds great. Will anyone give me the list of profile creation link.
    Profile creation links? I'm not sure I understand. Have you had a look through the rest of the marketplace?
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