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    Avant Garde Analytics: Google Analytics Goes Real-Time

    Google Analytics standard edition has unveiled a beta of the Real-Time Analytics reporting available in Google Analytics Premium. As we discussed in our previous blog, Google Analytics Premium will offer real time analytics among other features. As a prelude for standard edition users, real time analytics is available to a select audience. An announcement of the offering was made on September 29th. Having had an opportunity to explore the new features and reports, I am enamored with the well-organized interface and the almost instantaneous updates.

    To access real-time reporting, a user must enable the new version of Google Analytics (GA5). For anyone who doubts the necessity of making the switch, we made a compelling argument in August that is underscored with the roll-out of ‘real-time’. The new reports originally were housed in the Dashboards tab, but they will be moved to the Home tab in the imminent update of the GA5 interface. Four reports are available in the Real-Time beta:

    Traffic Sources

    To read more, visit: riseinteractive.com/blog/2011/10/06/avant-garde-analytics-google-analytics-goes-real-time/

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    Analytic 5 have few good features...
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    Wait a second, did it already went live? Because I'm waiting for several hours GA to update

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    Yes It is already live though you have to find the link to watch the live report...

    It is hidden somewhere and only available through new interface

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    I prefer old looks one because I’m used to track my website in daily basis. Moreover, who’s login to Google Analytics account to track their website traffic hour by hour? I hope Google didn’t make the old design disappear for forever like what they done on Google Adwords Tool External.


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