Google is the leader of the online search market, with a pretty powerful monopoly. Getting your site to the first page of Google is vital if you want to succeed and get as much targeted traffic to your site as possible.

Google considers .edu websites to hold a higher value, which is why you want as many inbound links from these sites as possible. Having a good look around will reveal that getting .edu links to your site isn't all that complicated. Since these backlinks originate from trusted sources that are educational in nature, Google considers them important.

Google will naturally rank a site better that is linked to by an academic site since the site must have some form of value. Therefore, if you want to make a good impression on Google, try to get a few .edu backlinks. If your website's domain name doesn't include the keyword you wish to rank for, then you will at least have to make sure it is in your URL. When Google sees the keyword in the URL it will automatically consider your page to be more relevant and will bump it closer to the top when a search for that particular phrase is carried out. The type of keyword you are targeting is irrelevant, but a long tail will have a better chance of reaching the top. The search engine giant will use a complicate algorithm to analyze your site and it takes into consideration a number of variables, including the URL. There are plenty of new webpages that achieve great rankings and they do this by ensuring their URL contains the relevant keyword.

A fact many webmasters aren't aware of is the good grammar and proper English in their content is critical to get more attention from Google. You actually do get a boost for making sure you use good English in your content. It is important for your content to be well-written because Google wants to offer quality and relevant information. Sadly, many good websites never make it to the top because their grammar is atrocious, even if the information is relevant and interesting. So before you put any content on your site make sure you spell check it, go through the grammar, etc.

Sometimes you can miss things, and that is why getting someone to proofread your article is an excellent idea. Only the best sites get to the top of the SERPs because many people think this matter is unimportant and ignore it. Knowing what to do is the key to getting to the top of the SERPs and once you do, you won't find it too hard to increase your page rank. To see excellent results, all you have to do is implement the ideas in this article.