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    Google have spent millions of dollars in SEO software

    Last week 'Techcrunch' reported that Sequoia Venture Capital, the leading CRM company in the worlds of Salesforce, And Hang on Google in honor themselves, invested 32 million dollars in Hubspot.
    Hubspot software helps publishers to increase the traffic (and consequently revenue) online marketing channels, when the centerpiece is SEO. Yes, Google put its stamp on software that helps to improve its organic search rankings!!!
    The company has developed a set of useful tools to help publishers maximize their business results online. In toolbox can be found: Statistics software like Google Analytics, CMS system for managing and optimizing content, blogging platform like blogger / Wordpress and other tools that help improve the SEO of the site.
    Hubspot it actually the first Inbound Marketing software and Brian Mulligan (founder and joint CEO of the company) claims that he is the first person who left the term Inbound Marketing.
    The concept of this strategy is simple - if a company wants to reach a potential customer, it must be on he's hand When he search on the Internet (search engines, social networks, blogs, etc.). ie the client has the control and not to the company.
    I read a few opinions of SEO experts who claim that Google decided to invest in Inbound Marketing because they thought that this is the next thing in Internet marketing. And how can they be so sure of that? Simply because they have a lot of information about traffic and conversion sources online so they can verify it against their databases easily. Choice on Hubspot was due to its tremendous growth.
    I'm very curious to know what you think?

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    Well if google invest in a SEO package then they are doubting the authenticity of their search results...

    It is definitely not the SEO package but something else because they are not going to manipulate the search result they show even themselves.


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