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    [Guide] Seo Off page Part2

    5. Number of new pages
    A site that presents new content (quality content) on a regular basis will gain in front of one who does not come with something new. This criterion is related to site type: a news website will have 100 + new pages a week while a building site will not have more tha 10.

    Also all too many new pages (which normally add one a week) can attract some penaltys.

    6. Age of link
    In this case the logic is simple: If site A to site B send a link and this link has existed for several years it means that site B is for a certain keyword to relevant and that it remains relevant for a period of x years.

    Because of this criterion and the site involving age its to hard for a webmaster to overthrow an old site. Lack of this seniority to be offset can be by a large number of good links and a perfect page optimization.

    7. The text around the link
    This is an unknown factor how so important. When calculating the weight of a link search engines will not only look at anchor, or age of the relevant site's or content, but also will look around the link. In other words, in the areas of footer or column Exchanges will be identified and will decrease the weight of a link.

    A natural link appears surrounded by relevant content and not the other links. Therefore a link to an article placed in the middle will be more valuable than one in the footer.

    8. Domain extension which gives you a backlink
    One of the myths of SEO is a link to a. Edu or. Gov has more weight than one from a. Info. This myth is partially true but not because of the extension.

    The. Edu and. Gov ar more good because they are held by institutions with a high degree of confidence. This confidence is acquired while the content and nature of links received, not because of the extension.

    9. Number of searches with the address field
    Inexperienced users often will look for a site after the domain name and not by a particular keyword. If these searches are numerous search engines will give a small addition that site.

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    I have read your both posts regarding off page and both are excellent. Obtain backlinks from .Edu and .Gov website is a good thing because they have high page rank and have credit in the eyes of Google.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Alan Smith View Post
    I have read your both post regarding off page and both are excellent. Obtain backlinks from .Edu and .Gov website is a good thing because they have high page rank and have credit in the eyes of Google.
    Well, you are right, but I think backlinks are very important to decide ranking. Everyone tries to get quality backlinks and they all get high position in SERPs.


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