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    How to integrate SEO with your inbound marketing?

    Everyone in the web design and marketing field knows very well about search engine optimization (SEO) which is bonded with search results. If you wish to get views to your website you should pay money to Google ads else you won't get views. Without paying money to Google also you can get views which is called organic traffic which you will get for free. This organic SEO we need to integrate with our inbound marketing so that your business revenue will improve better. Now my question is:
    How to integrate SEO with your inbound marketing?

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    One of the most interactive tools any company should have is to have a blog on their website to keep in touch with their customers and to share regular updates. To make better your SEO prowess you need to supply genuine insights to your prospects, that you can serve using a blog.

    You should think like a human before start writing a blog and never try to focus on keywords only, you should write for your customers it will reduce your bounce ratio and improves authenticity.

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