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    How to divide our regular seo tasks?

    Search engine optimisation is definitely very challenging and time taking job, it needs lot patience and faith. SEO things to do list is changing the kind of activities. Social media grown up as powerful platform for good work and viral spread. Blogging is getting more priority than earlier. Explaining your brand and services in detail is mandatory now. Your customers will find your activities on your facebook page, they may like it if it is good for them. Your customers can retweet your latest discount tweet on Twitter. Your creative video on YouTube may get most views in less time. Like wise opportunities are increasing. How you plan contemporary search engine activities to improve your visibility or brand value?

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    I am still struggling with the things, i am newbie and do not have much experience, but can you share your experience with us, how you plan things and how you manage so many activities. All you do alone, or you have a team of how many people, and how you divide task among them. Thanks in advance if you can share your planning and managing skills with us.


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