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    SEO Studies suggested top 10 ranking reasons 2018

    It's a buzzing question among all Seo forums that what are latest ranking secrets that helps to improve website's positions in search engine result pages without disturbing it's views.

    A recent study conducted by an SEO tools company analysed and stated that the following are the top 10 reasons for getting rank:

    1) Direct website visits: It is an advantage for locally popular businesses, because popular local listings will be searched by many customers.

    2) Time on site: Here you content plays key role, how uniquely you are presented it and how audience engaged to it does matter. Focus on giving honest solutions, which will increase the time they spent on your website.

    3) Pages per session: Give related reference to your content within your website. So that reader will stick to read it interestingly.

    4) Bounce rate: Traditional and standard factor but very effective.

    5) Total referring domains: How many referring links decreases and at the same amount or more number of referring links should add. Here quality comes into evaluation.

    6) Total backlinks: Number of related back links are strong pillars.

    7) Total referring IPs: Make sure it will be global if your expect world wide audience.

    8) Total follow-backlinks: It depends on quality content.

    9) Content length: Do not spin or repeat with low quality content. Content should be crispy and clear.

    10) Website security (HTTPS): Google clearly stated that sites with SSL will get more importance than sites without security.

    These factors may change their effectiveness but they remain influential.

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    davidrsdw is offline IM & SEO Weak Jaw davidrsdw is on a distinguished road
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    Very useful content im also following the same process to get ranking in the search engines.

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    I agreed your post. your post is very help full for everyone.

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    Got It, Thanks for sharing the very informative information.

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    mahakhan is offline IM & SEO Whisperer mahakhan is on a distinguished road
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    Thanks for the useful tips, the article is very informative and will be helpful for newbies like me. Keep sharing such useful information with us.


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