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    How domain names are influencing modern era of SEO world?

    There is long debate going on from the past few years on how domain names are influencing website ranking. But now trends are changing, game rules are changing, it's going real time, more dynamic, more content and more atracting. In this fast growing ranking trends how domain influence your seo?

    Does still top level domains (TLDs) are the game changers?
    Does country specific domains are playing vital role in rank improvement?
    Exact match domains have any impact on seo ranking?

    Share your very recent observations on how domains are influencing search engine optimization?

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    rameshrath is offline IM & SEO Whisperer rameshrath is on a distinguished road
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    As per my concern Domain name works, But more credit is only content and website design optimized for SEO. Yes it's it's rules are game changing, some goes extinct new things goes much important/ plays key role. Country specific still works. I need to know still much about exact match domain.

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    domain name is not important for promotion point of view. you should get any domain name and get better ranking.

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    davidrsdw is offline IM & SEO Weak Jaw davidrsdw is on a distinguished road
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    As per my knowledge it will impact only 5% of your ranking factor but it's not much important factor to consider. Even URL structure also not considering as seo ranking factor. Quality and useful content is the king factor in seo ranking factors. So believe in your content, keep improve it, share more useful data with your audience. Share images, videos, audio etc., share your customers reviews and testimonials if your target audience is a small business oriented. Try to do basic seo optimisations, these are the things more than enough to rank your website and sustain in long run.


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