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    How Google ads showing in map listings too?

    Google ads are effective strategy to get more business in less time with investment on adwords. We can see four ads on the top which is commom thing in adwords but now it is showing in local map listings also. How this is happening?
    In 'Ad Extensions' there is an option called 'Location' using this option you can make your listing visible in Google maps also.

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    Step 1: Setting Up Location Extensions
    Step 2: Targeting a Specific Location for Your Ads
    Step 3: Using the Right Keywords in Your Campaign

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    We need to use Location Extension in Google Adwords to show our ad location in Google Maps, it's a commercialized trick from Google company. It will charge extra for location extension. Likewise there are few more extensions like calls, callouts, sitelinks, structured snippets, messages, reviews, pricing etc., all these will cost extra price from bidding price.

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    You will have to enable location extensions to get your results on google maps.


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