We are doing a special promotion for firms and individuals that would like a New Website to help promote their products or services Online.

We all know the internet is where people like spending their time, not only at home, but studies show that 70% browse the internet in their free time at work. That's why its important to have the right presence online for your business, other wise you could be losing out on a massive sector of targeted potential customers!

We are giving you or your company a FREE WEBSITE, when you sign up to 12 months of hosting with our Partner Company.

Hosting costs is as little as $4.97 per month.

  • We normally sell these sites for $197 minimum.
  • We will build the site to your liking!
  • From colour to layout and any other feature to fit your needs and wants.
  • You get award winning hosting for your brand new site!
  • If you have another website or decide to build a 2nd website, then you can add it to your plan with out extra cost!
  • 24/7 Customer Service
  • Access to special tutorial to get you up and running!

No other hosting company has this offer!

And we dont know how long we can afford to offer this!

Take action today while its still here.

Send me a message via PM and I will give you my link.