Hello everyone

Recently I acquired a few expired tumblr blogs and have populated them with content - currently I am selling links and posts on 15 of them. - Niches are mostly entertainment (music,art,personal development, meditation, fitness, anime, etc.)

All Tumblrs have a Google Page Rank of 2

I am also selling links and article submissions on fiverr at the moment and i would like to offer a better price for everyone in IMTalk. - This is a limited time offer - I don`t want to ruin these blogs with spamy links and copied articles.

Prices for article submission 10 Tumblrs = 4$
Please have an article (with spintax preferably) ready for submission with no more then 2 links in the body.

Price for link submission - 10 Links = 3$


I am offering 5 review copies for each for the price of 1$ - first come first serve basis - one review copy per user please (either article or link submission)


How it works?

If you want a sample,a review copy or to buy please post in this thread and I will give you the details

No Adult, Warez etc...